LANZOOM New Light Smart Watches Stunning Appearance at Baselworld 2018

by LanzoomFebruary 22, 2018

The Basel Watch Fair is one of the largest watch and jewelry fairs in the world. Baselworld converges the most excellent designs from every well-known brand, which shows the advanced technology and new trends for the industry.

German light Smart brand-Lanzoom perfectly combines the fashion and intelligence. New designs will be displayed at Baselworld in March 2018. We share the light, active, and fashion concepts from LANZOOM together with you; and seven new, young, active timepieces will stunningly appear at the fair.

LANZOOM Light & Rhine also catches up the new styles, more colors, and match for reference.

The picture is the color series of LANZOOM

LANZOOM Mosel is the new updating smart watches, and the main products at the Baselworld:

Series Moser

The distinguishing feature for Mosel is the perfect integration of design and life, and the functions include: Music player, location sharing, photo-shooting, and movement tracking. The watch manufacturer offers the OEM service for customers, which is the new break in the watch industry.

Saale and Oder series are the business watches at the Baselworld 2018; integration of business and fashion into watches is the bold and unique understanding from Lanzoom.

Except for the prospect of the new trends, Lanzoom also focuses on inheritance and development of the classical watch and sincerely respect the traditional elements; the design for the dial and crown of Wanese directly tells the inheritance.

A fashion watch belongs to the young:

The design echo for Lanzoom is creating the young elements, combing the esthetics and fashion together. The echo is the reason for the fast growth of Lanzoom to be the leader of fashion watches.

The birth of Main takes a very special personality to smart watches. Simple big dial and practical sundial add the mature temper to watches. The most important point is the free and brave color match, for every match will catch your eyes.

Perfectly combining the fashion and technology, adding the high technology into fashion, is the unique beauty of Lanzoom, which attracts the eyes of watch sellers, the press, and watch lovers.

The success of Baselworld will stimulate the processing of Lanzoom. We will witness the updating of traditional watches, as well as the possibility of different styles in the future.

Lanzoom will go ahead with the trends to design a good watch timepiece. What lonesome offers is not only the fashion timepiece, but also the unlimited possibility of the future.