LANZOOM Mosel Series,Function Customized

by LanzoomMay 29, 2019

The Mosel Series is LANZOOM’s latest smartwatch design which combines functionality with fashion. This latest addition to the watch brand projects the fine qualities of its origin in Germany.

Besides the fact that Mosel is a customizable timepiece, it has also been designed with tomorrow’s technology, therefore making it a MUST-BUY watch model.

Mosel Series Design Bits

Available in four models – Mosel01, Mosel02, Mosel03, and Mosel04, the Mosel Series has a dial diameter of 41mm. Its triaxial accelerometer sensor and mineral glass crystal provide the watch with the firmness and masculinity associated with top watch brands.

Further, its case material comprises 316L stainless steel – the ideal guarantee that falls and cracks can do little or no damage to the watch. And the Italian leather strap makes you a lifelong promise of durability.

For lovers of water sports, Mosel’s 5ATM waterproofing grade provides the confidence you need to keep your timepiece on and track your water performance.

The best part of the Mosel Series is its compatibility with both Android and iOS operating systems. Devices built on iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 and above get to enjoy the maximum offerings associated with this watch model.

Functions of the Mosel Series

While the physical properties of this LANZOOM watch model are astonishing, the functions are even more promising.

  • View missed calls and messages using the Notification Reminder
  • Find Your Phone helps you to locate your phone if it goes missing
  • This smartwatch can track your movement using the Movement Monitor
  • ?With GPS Share, you can keep your family and friends aware of your location
  • ?Taking selfies or regular photos becomes easier with the Remote Photo-taking
  • ?Music Anytime keeps you entertained with your best tracks
  • ?Monitor the time in other places using Alternate Time Zone
  • ?Receive Notifications
  • ?Reject calls
  • ?Set the Alarm and Stopwatch
  • ?Set Sedentary Reminder

All of these features make LANZOOM Mosel Series a model with great potentials.